Moeger Safety

Safety Program Administration

The administration of a Health and Safety Program is a process undertaken to satisfy the reporting requirements of the Health and Safety Program. It also provides Management with the information needed to minimize the risk of injury and illness. These goals are achieved by identifying, assessing, and controlling risks to workers in all workplace operations. This is done through the performance of safety meetings, conducting of investigations, and all other activities required in support of the program.  Performing these tasks can be a time consuming process.

The scope and complexity of Health and Safety Programs varies according to the type of workplace and the nature of operations carried out within.  This sometimes requires a significant effort on the part of the company to ensure all appropriate documentation is completed to satisfy program, due diligence, and regulatory requirements.   

The following are some of the reasons why professional administration of your company’s Health and Safety Program can be advantageous to your operations:

No Requirement for Dedicated, Salaried Personnel 

  • By allowing us to administer your Health and Safety Program, we free up your people to exercise the skills they possess for the jobs they were hired to do.  We relieve you of the practice of taking one position from your operations and adding the responsibility of managing the Health and Safety Program to their primary duties.  We also save you money by not having to pay for a full time employee when the work involved in managing the Health and Safety Program takes up only part of the day.

No Requirement for Dedicated Office Space to Facilitate Work

  • Our Safety Professionals are free from office constraints and therefore there is no need to have a dedicated space, furnishings, and office equipment set aside in your workplace to accommodate the administrative processing of your company’s Health and Safety Program.  This helps you free up space so you can dedicate your resources towards other activities necessary for your company’s continued success.

Unbiased Reporting and Honest Assessments 

  • The professionalism we provide in administering your Health and Safety Program benefits Management and employees by providing a neutral ground. We present the legislation requirements and the potential consequences for not following them.  Being external program administrators, we do not form personal friendships or develop favoritism towards employees.  During conflicts we are unbiased, we offer the company honest assessments and reporting. Presenting the facts and offering solutions is our only objective

No Disruption to Standardize Reporting and Documentation

  • Our Health and Safety Program administration services ensures all components of your company’s Health and Safety Program are efficiently carried out, documented fully, and communicated to both Management and employees. Regardless of your company’s workload and crush time, your documentation will be submitted and provided for review on time.

Efficient and Cost Effective

  • Moeger Resources Ltd.’s Safety Professionals are privately insured and covered through WCB. We provide our people with all required personal protective equipment and training to be on your site.  Additionally, our Health and Safety Program administration services are custom tailored to your company and are cost effective compared to the costs of a full time Health and Safety Program Coordinator.

Continuous Professional Development for Enhanced Skills and Knowledge

  • In the Health and Safety profession, awareness and education are two critical points where Health and Safety Program Coordinators demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and effectiveness in managing Health and Safety Programs.  Due diligence and liability concerns demand appropriate advice.  Proper decisions need to be taken which reflect current practices and procedures relevant to legislative Acts and Regulations. Due to the ever changing nature of legislation and the constant growth in the safety industry, your company cannot afford to remain behind. We ensure our Health and Safety Program Coordinators are fully trained and continue their professional growth.

24/7 Availability and Capability

  • When an incident occurs at any workplace it is important for it to be investigated so  inadequately controlled hazards, or failure in procedures, are identified and controlled and processes can be implemented to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents.  We provide the capability of performing on-site work seven days a week, 24 hours a day, accommodating your company’s hours of operations, as not every company works 9 – 5, Monday to Friday. We acknowledge the importance of being available to answer queries, conduct inspections, and provide guidance at all hours. Certain issues need to be resolved immediately, and delaying them until 8am the next morning might not be efficient.

Knowledgeable and Experienced

  • Moeger Resources Ltd. has been involved in the process of creating and administering Health and Safety Programs for over 13 years.  We specialize in finding efficiencies, removing repetitive reporting, and improving communications between Management and employees.  Our goal is your goal; an effective, manageable, and easily understood Health and Safety Program. Our team of trained professionals provide your company with peace of mind and cumulative legislative knowledge through experience.