Small Business Safety Solutions

Moeger Safety

Moeger Resources Ltd. works with companies in and around Calgary, both small, from 1 – 2 employees, to large employers with hundreds of employees. We develop and can optionally manage and maintain Health and Safety programs for employers, relieving them of the additional work required to satisfy regulations. For small businesses our safety program and management programs are designed specifically for you.

Policies to clearly define standards, assign responsibilities and provide a framework for legislative compliance.

For large business, we can review, audit and propose necessary changes to the safety program to ensure compliance. If you are in need of assistance or are worried about how these changes may affect your business, we can help.

Health and Safety Program Development

COR / SECOR / PIR Certification

Management and/or Administration Services

Third Party Verification ( Avetta, ISNET etc.)

Online Safety Training

Who we are

Moeger Resources has been a trusted health and safety services provider since 2001. We take great pride in providing these services to help businesses develop and maintain recognized Health and Safety Programs.

Safety is what we do, it‘s what we excel at, and it’s how we can be of assistance to your business. Whether it’s improving safety cultures and image, delivering better safety services for our customers, or earning their trust and confidence, all of us at Moeger Resources are working hard to ensure that your business is operating at the highest level of satisfaction toward obtaining, maintaining, or improving upon your health and safety goals.

Our process starts by discovering what your business’s needs are. We do this by first conducting an Audit of your business’s current program. This is intended to identify weakness and strengths. With the information obtained from this, suggestions are then presented to address these weaknesses so they no longer exist. We can then look at what would be required so your business’s health and safety goals, and objectives, are being met.

Why Us

Your program has become difficult to manage due to time or work constraints. Reports and inspections have fallen behind, investigations and agency reporting is not occurring. Employees are losing faith in the company’s commitment to provide for them a safe work environment. Management is worried about liability, and program requirements such as orientations, training, meetings and addressing hazards fall further and further behind and end up no longer being done. Or, it’s being done in such a haphazard way it’s become a great disservice to the business, and to its employees.

Your company is established, but you are looking to implement a Health & Safety Management System to perhaps refresh or renew older policies and procedures. You may be looking to instill a more integrated sharing/leadership process within the organization with respect to the management of the business’s health and safety goals and direction. Or you may be looking to build or improve upon the safety culture within your business through Leadership Development.

We offer solutions to these, and many other reasons a business may have, for direction or assistance in their health and safety program’s needs.

Your employees are as important to us as they are to you. Your business operations are critical, and we will successfully help you achieve the right balance while ensuring safety is at the forefront of your business’s operations.

If any of the above reflects what you may be looking for, feel free to Contact Us to discuss your objectives, and how we may be of service to your business.